Play Area

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Where belly aching giggles are welcome!

At Java Mama our play area is fun, safe and clean— especially designed for children ages five & under. Filled with toys that encourage gross motor development, social interaction, creative play and sensory stimulation, kids love to stay and play.

Supervised Play! Experienced caregivers give parents a little break from their hectic day by supervising the play area during designated hours.

Supervised playtimes, activities and prices vary at each location. Contact your local Java Mama for details and make sure to ask about our monthly pass.


We ask that everyone abide by the following play area rules:
Parents may not leave the Java Mama premises without their child.
During supervised play, please listen for your name in case your child needs a break or use the restroom. At all other times, please be sure to keep an eye on your own child.
Your child may enjoy the play area for up to two hours between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Kids are welcome to take a break and re-enter during that period.
Please no sick children.
And most importantly,