Our Story

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What We’re All About!

Children bring bright smiles, high energy and wonderment into our daily lives. But there are some times when you just need 20 minutes of peace. Maybe you want to read a newspaper, chat with a friend or do some work.

Java Mama—a place where child energy thrives and parent relaxation is cultivated—was founded for that very reason!

About The Founders

Owner Alicia Campen came up with the idea of Java Mama after the birth of her daughter. The idea began in the early months of Alicia’s motherhood when she was able to bring her daughter to a local coffeehouse and get some freelance work done. While the baby slept peacefully by her side, Alicia typed away on her laptop, sipped an iced coffee and enjoyed being out of the house and in the company of other adults. Once the baby grew older and became more active, staying still for long periods of time was not an option. This caused Alicia’s visits to the coffeehouse to become shorter and shorter.

Alicia dreamed of a place where she enjoyed her coffee, could get some work done, and had someone to help watch her child for an hour or two—without costing an arm and a leg. This place was not a daycare or a preschool. This place was a sophisticated coffeehouse with a supervised play area where kids five and under could explore, play and socialize. In this place, Alicia could work, comfortably interact with adults and still keep an eye on the people watching her daughter. This place offered free WiFi and welcomed parents, children and anyone who appreciated great coffee drinks and tasty fare.

This dream…this place…is now known as Java Mama. With five years of planning, the Campen family opened the first Java Mama Café in La Mesa, California on February 10, 2007.