Our Story

Everybody’s got a story. My story is what brought us together, you and I. In fact, it’s what helped you find your cup of delicious Ozo Coffee outside of Boulder, Colorado, and it’s what gives you and your kids a break while you catch up with your friends. My story brought us together, and it started out about 7 years ago.
I just so happened to be watching the Gilmore Girls (my sister and I have watched every episode at least 5 times. Just sayin…) and it hit me that what I wanted, if I really wanted to go into business, was a community-centered gathering place. Much like Luke’s Diner or the inn from Gilmore Girls. So inspiration started percolating right there on the sofa. Then real life intruded and I figured it was a pipe dream.

Oh yeah.

I got married and started a family. Now if you’re like me, you have done (or are doing) a stint as a stay-at-home mom while working from home. (Forget the military, ladies, THAT is the hardest job we will ever love, am I right?) And smack-dab in the middle of it…inspiration hit again.
I had picked up a home-based business and had the whole motherhood thing down on lock, but this time inspiration morphed into a fantasy about being able to have a co-working space. Still a gathering spot, but with purpose for those pesky work-related effectivity habits.
Life happened again, but the idea kept bubbling in the background.
The next time Inspiration showed its face, I was ready (being in the “empowerment phase” of my 2nd pregnancy). I was surfing a Mommy Group on Facebook and ran across the Java Mama concept. Now it could have stayed right where it was, as a nice fantasy, but Sean, my husband and sounding board, took it to the next level. “Well?” he casually asked. “What’s stopping you?”

What WAS stopping me?

BAM!! He had thrown down the gauntlet. Sean had taken my idea off the back burner of “Someday” and stuck it on the front burner of “I Dare You”. (Love that guy!) The timing was right, and my researching gene as a 3rd generation engineer kicked in, hard core. Imagine a place where us moms could bring our little ones to get a change of scenery. The kiddos stay safe and entertained in a fantastic play area, but moms can still see them while popping open our laptops to get some work done, or chitchat with friends over some great coffee and perfect paninis.

I was clear.

THAT was what the community gathering place would be! A safe, relaxing, welcoming space for families to belong to.
The rest, ladies, is history. We ran the numbers, looked for coffee equipment and extra space for the play area to go. The stars aligned over Firestone, Colorado right around the time I had my 2nd child, and we fell in love with it all. The coffee equipment, the store space (which had already been a coffee shop/bookstore) and the kickin’ community all came together, and our paperwork was signed within a week. It’s been a lot of hard work, but all great stories are.
Come say hi and add to my family story. Then grab something tasty and take a break. After all, YOU know you’ll drop in for the coffee. I know you’ll LINGER for the community vibe!